In 2010, my husband and I took a leap of faith and started a mobile ultrasound company. After working in hospitals most of my life, this seemed like a welcome change. I began going to doctor’s offices to perform ultrasounds for medical diagnostic purposes.

Two years into it, I started getting more and more calls from friends and pregnant women from church asking me to scan them. They would say –

I can’t get a scan from my doctor until I’m 20 weeks but I know you have a machine and can see gender at 16 weeks.

Sometimes it was –

I can’t feel my baby moving and just need to see the heart beating.

I did countless ultrasounds on my living room couch! Before I knew it, friends of friends were calling and some of them were asking for 3d/4d.

So in 2012 we took another leap of faith and purchased a 3d/4d machine and Sneak A Peek Ultrasound was born. I rented a small room at a children’s boutique and that tiny little room served as a springboard to bigger and greater things. I firmly believe God led me to this work and opened my eyes to the beauty of life inside the womb and the need for this type of service away from the medical setting. I began to see these babies and moms in a whole new way. My outlook changed from performing a cold sterile medical procedure to sharing something so incredibly beautiful with families. These are tiny humans; little persons with personalities already! I have a deeper appreciation for the person-hood and uniqueness of each and every baby. NO! They do not all look alike! They are truly a gift from God and meant to be loved and cared for.

Our little company has grown just like a child does, by leaps and bounds! We’ve been serving women from all over Arkansas and even from around the country, now getting to see some of you for second and third babies. Without you, we would not be here! Along the way, God has sent the right people at the right time and we’ve been blessed to share this work with like-minded co-workers. 4 years, 2 locations, 3 techs, 2 office assistants and 1 office manager later HERE WE ARE! I have only one regret, I wish we would have started this sooner.

It is our joy and honor to share this wonderful experience with you.